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March 10, 2008


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Ray Deck III

This is fantastic. Customer Service often falls between the cracks in Ministry organizations (of which I am apart). It's neat to hear about one that does a good job like this.


I hear you loud and clear. We are a public library. There used to be a beat up old table outside by the bookdrop. Because the door to the book-chute is a bit heavy, the table served as a nice place to put personal items while customers dropped their books. However, the table was removed because it was unattractive. It's a long story, but the table was also the source of a power struggle--We would not replace it if we couldn't get the one we wanted. The bottom line is that the table is gone, customers have commented that they really miss it, and we have done nothing but shrug. It's truly unfortunate that those who could fix it don't recognize the value of something as unimportant as a little table. Our customers knew it's value. Thanks for a great discussion. Rene

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