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The Secret Language of Your Customer

As a professional in sales, if you were asked the question, “Do you use the same approach with every potential client?” you would probably answer, “No, of course not. I vary my approach to the individual.” But, chances are, you’re not as different as you think you are, because of one common denominator: You. Your personality. Even with your intuitive skills that tell you when to adapt to the visual and verbal cues you receive from another human being, the truth is you sell to others, as you would have others sell to you.

Hippocrates believed that by understanding the temperament of his patients, he would know better how to treat them. Identifying four distinct personalities, he labeled them using medical terms of his time, as Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, and Melancholy. Today, these four temperaments still form the basis for almost all personality tests from the Myers-Briggs to DISC®. Just as Hippocrates learned that he could best treat his patients by knowing their personality, you can best serve your customers by understanding theirs. 

The first type can be described as the Phlegmatic and their mantra is "Sell me the Easy Way."

The peaceful Phlegmatic is a relational customer. He resists any sales technique that he perceives as pressuring. His biggest fear is buying the wrong item. He likes to be educated in his approach. His self-talk concerns issues such as, “Is it a good deal? Will it perform? Is it the best one?” The secret language of this customer contains words and phrases like “guarantee,” “problem solver” and “easy terms.” Help the Phlegmatic customer through his issues and assuage the buyer’s fear of making the wrong purchase. You could gain a customer for life.

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