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Off the Streets and On the Creeks

Charlie_2 “That ‘customer experience’ stuff doesn’t work for me,” someone will occasionally tell me. Then they go on to say that they sell insurance, or they’re a financial planner, or a personal trainer. “I just sell one-on-one. I don’t see how I can use that personal experience factor in my job.” I sigh and think, “Is anything more personal than ‘one-on-one’?” But, instead of asking the question aloud, I tell them about  Charlie Pack.

“Charlie was National Sales Leader for American General Life Insurance in 1985, with personal sales of 44 million and $385,000 of premiums. Most of his 35 years of sales successes were achieved by taking potential clients fishing.” From

Charlie Pack is as good a fisherman as he is a salesman. When he takes someone fishing, they catch fish. His instinct and natural ability is legendary and he’s achieved local celeb status. To go fishing with Charlie Pack, is, uh… well, an extraordinary personal experience -- a factor that he used to sell 44 millions dollars worth of insurance. Today Charlie is active in The Tadpole Foundation, an organization he founded "whose mission is to make sure every child gets to go fishing." The motto of the foundation is  "Off the Streets and On the Creeks."

Your customers want a deeper relationship with the people from
whom they buy. You have natural abilities and skills that you take for granted. Somehow, with a little ingenuity, you can use your talents to create a unique Personal Experience for your prospects and clients.



Scott Ingram

In the current marketplace you probably wouldn't even need to do anything nearly as elaborate as taking someone fishing. It's so easy to set yourself apart in a personal way these days because very few others do.

Just taking the time to listen to your clients. Calling them to wish them a happy birthday. Even just a genuine call to learn how you might be able to help them (with no other agenda) is all it takes.

Happy networking!

Scott Ingram

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