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The Nose Knows


Did you know that if you were born before 1930 your nose might be nostalgic for the natural smells from your youth, like the smell of cut hay or hot apple pie fresh from the oven? And those of us born after 1930, like Maya here, might reminisce (when she’s old enough to reminisce) about artificial scents, like a new pair of sneakers or the waxy aroma from a freshly opened box of crayons. That’s according to an article from Fast Company called “Smells Like Brand Spirit.” In the pursuit of gaining the attention of today’s over-stimulated consumer, companies are digging deeper into sensory-based marketing. For instance, researchers from Samsung are experimenting with a signature fragrance for their products. Exactly, what is the aroma of electronics? Does technology have a smell? What about your business? Does your business have a signature fragrance? Would customers know they were in your store if they were blindfolded? What about your personal scent? Do you wear cologne or perfume that complements or clashes with who you are in the eyes – er, make that, in the nose of your customer? It matters.


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