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Yep. You’re right. I shoulda’-woulda'-coulda' posted this back in January before Valentine's Day. But, in spite of the seasonality of the video, it’ll still make its point. And that is this – 2007 is the year of video – on your Web site, your blog, your wherever and anywhere your imagination takes you. For example, banks are using “virtual tellers” for their drive through customers. The screen shows sports, weather,  trivia, etc. while you wait.


Realtors have been wise to this idea ever since someone posted the first “virtual tour” of a home for sale. Now customers can get a virtual tour of your store, or office, or even a video of you and some of your staff taking care of business.   

I created this holiday video for Brickwood, a retail shop owned by my friend, Gina Angelo, by using One True Media - and no, I’m not receiving anything for the mentioning One True Media. I’m sure you can do the same thing with YouTube. I think OTM is for the technologically challenged, like me. And if you want a professionally produced video, check out my WOA partner, Rex Williams, of SunPop Studios who creates professional Video inSites that you'll just have to see to appreciate. 

Use your imagination to come up with ways you can use video to give another dimension to your business.

Please share your ideas.


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