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If this room's a rockin'...

Do_not_disturb Embassy Suites adds another layer to its Personal Experience Factor by inviting guests to participate in a competition to design the hotel chain’s next series of Do Not Disturb signs. The current DND door hanger – “There’s a good reason for you not to knock right now” – is so popular that guests take them home, which is fine by Embassy Suite’s, John Lee. Of course it is. Guests are taking home a piece of their experience that reminds them of how much fun they had during their stay.

It’s called “interactive marketing” and it brings at least four things to the party:

1. Engages customers in the personal experience and creates in them a sense of ownership in your business.
2. Extends the experience beyond the primary transaction. To enter the contest, simply go to our Web site….
3. Encourages word-of-mouth – like it’s doing right now. Did you hear about the contest Embassy Suites has going on….?
4. Embellishes your brand by personalizing the company. (Like the "I'm a Mac" commercials)

Take note. Interactive marketing isn’t just about designing gimmicky contests for your customers. It’s about inviting people to participate in your business success by connecting in an innovative and emotional way.