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How NOT to embarrass your customer

Oops_abby_petsmart_2 Providing a good customer experience isn't always about what you add to your business. Sometimes it's about what you take away - like the potential for a customer's embarrassment.

Meet "Abby" in the photo to the left. While shopping ...

with Abby at our neighborhood pet store, Frances saw these cleanup stations at the end of several aisles, as well as one at the entrance.

Are there potentially embarrassing moments for your customers in your business? Breakables displayed too low so that a customer's jacket can brush them off into the floor. Extension cords across the floor that could trip up a customer. No paper in the washroom.

Inviting pet owners to bring their pets into the store is also an invitation for an accident. Petco knows that. But, when it happens to your pet, it's still embarrassing. Petco tries to minimize that embarrassment by making it as easy as possible for the customer to clean it up.


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