How NOT to embarrass your customer
The Bigger They Are...

Dig This Customer Experience

Boy in front of truck “The only difference between men and boys is the size of their... toys.”

Or, at least that might be Ed Mumm’s philosophy. Ed found a way to profit from that bit of pop wisdom by bringing adult-size Tonka® toys to life. And it isn’t just “the boys” getting behind the levers and gauges of bulldozers and hydraulic excavators at “Dig This,” the first heavy-equipment playground in America. Women like to play in the sandbox,too.

This is more evidence that illustrates...

people will gladly pay for experiences that are new, exciting, or different. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your business and join Cirque du Soleil. It does mean that “good old-fashioned customer service” and “great products at low prices” simply isn’t enough to earn loyal customers who tell friends and strangers about your business.

Do you think Ed Mumm’s customers tell their friends about spending a couple of hours in his 10-acre sandbox?

The potential for a compelling customer experience is within in any business. Need help finding it in yours?  (link takes you to Mike's Web site)


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